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Indulge in the exquisite taste of Wild Olive Farm Honey—raw, unfiltered, and a true gift from nature. This honey is a testament to the hard work of 12 bees per teaspoon, diligently collecting nectar from a diverse range of trees and wildflowers in our Karri forest, olive grove, and coastal belt.

Wild Olive Farm  honey is lightly filtered, ensuring that some wax is still present, adding to its natural goodness and flavour. Rest assured, this honey is 100% safe and delicious to consume, with no heat or chemicals used in its production, extraction, or jarring process. All our hives are nestled in our organic olive grove, allowing the bees to forage freely between the ocean and inlet on the wild Nullaki Peninsula.

- Raw and unprocessed honey, retaining all its natural nutrients and flavors.
- Collected by bees from a variety of trees and wildflowers, reflecting the rich biodiversity of our surroundings.
- Lightly filtered to preserve its natural state, with some wax still present for added authenticity.
- Produced without heat or chemicals, ensuring purity and quality.
- Bees forage freely in the organic olive grove and the wild landscapes of the Nullaki Peninsula, contributing to the unique taste of our honey.

Wild Olive Farm Honey is a perfect addition to your morning toast, tea, or as a natural sweetener in your recipes. Its pure and unadulterated nature makes it a wholesome choice for those who appreciate the goodness of nature's bounty. Treat yourself to the finest raw and unfiltered honey, straight from the heart of Wild Olive Farm.

Raw, Unfiltered Honey


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