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Introducing Wild Olive Farm's award-winning Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Wild Olive Farm's olive oil is cold-pressed and contains no preservatives, ensuring a pure and authentic taste that captures the essence of West Australia's pristine olive groves.

With 2000 olive trees and a diverse range of olive varieties including Pendolino, Corregiola, Frantoio, Leccino, and Verdale, our olive oil is carefully blended to create a well-balanced and harmonious flavour profile. The combination of these olives results in an oil that boasts fresh grasses, pea shoots, and olive leaf aromas, with additional tropical notes that tantalize the palate.

- Award-winning certified organic extra virgin olive oil.
- Cold-pressed for maximum flavour and nutritional benefits.
- 100% West Australian olives, ensuring quality and freshness.
- No preservatives added, maintaining the pure taste of the olives.
- Blended from a variety of olive types for a complex and rich flavour experience.

Our extra virgin olive oil is characterized by a firm level of bitterness and pungency, which enhance the flavours of the oil and provide a depth that lingers on the palate with each taste. The result is a complex and flavourful oil that elevates every dish it touches.

Experience the exceptional quality and taste of Wild Olive Farm's Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a convenient 1-litre tin, perfect for home kitchens, restaurants, and gourmet enthusiasts. Add a touch of luxury and flavour to your culinary creations with our premium olive oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 1L Tin


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