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About Us

Organic & Biodynamic Meats WA (OBMWA) : Linking local growers to customers looking for organic and biodynamically grown meat from Western Australia

Organic & Biodynamic Meats WA (OBMWA) is all about ensuring organic product integrity and consumer confidence, all product sold are fully certified organic or biodynamic – meaning all farms, abattoirs and processing operations must have current certification by an AQIS accredited organic or biodynamic certifier.

All our producers are passionate about producing quality meat which is grazed on natural pasture and grown without synthetic pesticides and herbicides, no reproductive or growth hormones, no veterinary pharmaceuticals, artificial fertilizers, genetically modified organisms and never force-fed grains.  

We believe the health and environmental benefits of these organic and biodynamic farming systems provide an ideal food choice for an increasing number of discerning people.

We continue our journey to further establish markets for organic and biodynamic beef and sheep meats to retail butchers in the Perth metro area and in regional WA. With our certified organic supply chain partners for Beef, Sheep, Goat, Deer and Pork, trade also extends into the meat processing sector which supplies retail packaged products to a range of mainstream food retailers. Each market has different specifications for the type of livestock required.

The eating quality of our meat is recognised as the most important reason for repeat sales. To maintain our reputation for high quality product, all meat is MSA graded which gives our customers confidence in the meats quality and provides member producers with valuable meat quality information for improving their livestock management.

We care about delivering quality every time.
That means you will always get tasty, nutritious meat and support local farmers.

Full Flavoured Meat

because Organic and Biodynamic meat is grown on pasture and in a natural time frame to be produced rather than rushed to market. Each animal contains the unique flavour of the region from which it has come, with the different soil, climate conditions, pasture species and breeds of livestock in each locality creating subtle and wonderful variations in taste, colour and texture.

A Healthy and Nutrient Dense Product

Our Organic & Biodynamic meat is a concentrated package of Protein, Iron, Omega 3, Vitamin E and Vitamin B12.

Supporting Local farmers

Our local farmers are considerate and care about the welfare of their land, their animals, and their consumers.



Organic Beef


Organic Lamb and Hoggget


Organic Goat




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