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Sourced from Certified Organic or Biodynamic growers. Grass fed or pasture-raised, free to roam. Gluten & Preservative Free. No Added Hormones, Antibiotic Free.


A selection of the following cuts:

Lamb: Roast,   French cutlets, forequarter chops, loin chops, lamb shanks, ribs and packet of our amazing Paleo Sausages. ( Mince optional ) 

Chicken: whole chicken (net wt 1.5kg) - perfect for a Sunday roast, chicken breasts (net wt 500g - 2 or 3 packs), chicken thighs (net wt 500g/pack  1 - 2 packs), chicken wings (net wt 500g/pack - 2 packs) and or chicken mince (net wt 300g - 1 pack).  Experience the taste of natural chicken that has grown slow and steady and allowed the full flavour of real lean chicken the way chicken is meant to be.


All cuts are Cryovac (except sausages) and delivered frozen.


Weight: 10kg minimum

Note: Finished box products will vary according to availability.

10kg Organic Lamb and Chicken Mix Box (LC-Box)

  • If you have additional information about your order that will be useful to pack the perfect order for you and your family, please include it in the comments box at checkout.

    "Who Are We Feeding?" selection helps us choose packages for the meat boxes.

    Please let us know if there is a cut you do not like or would like more of, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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