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The 5kg Slow Cooker Cuts box from Organic and Biodynamic Meats WA is a treasure trove of certified organic meats carefully curated for your culinary pleasure.  This box includes a delightful array of slow-cooker-friendly cuts, perfect for creating hearty and flavour-filled meals your family will love.


Inside, you'll find a selection of premium cuts such as:

- Ribs: a selection of short ribs and back ribs which are great for slow-cooking, smoking, roasting or on the BBQ

- Rolled Brisket: a delicious piece of flat brisket rolled into cylindrical shape & secured with butcher twine to hold its shape during cooking; traditionally braised or slow-cooked rather than smoked

- Osso Bucco: a cross-cut of meat from the lower portion of a beef shank and also includes the prized beef marrow 

- Flat Brisket Roast: from the lower part of the brisket, near the front legs and is leaner and more uniform than the brisket point


All these cuts are certified organic, ensuring the highest quality and ethical standards in farming practices.


Our Slow Cooking Cuts box provides you with everything you need for delicious and wholesome meals that will delight your taste buds and nourish your body.


Unlock the full potential of slow cooking with Organic and Biodynamic Meats WA.

5kg Organic Beef Slow Cooking Box

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