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Why Are Certified Chickens More Expensive Than Organic or Free Range?

Be prepared to be shocked and saddened by some of the information you will come across. Not all chicken is the same.

You will find a huge variety of articles about the differences between free range, RSPCA and Organic chooks in Australia. Finding an ethical meat choice that is labelled so you know what you are getting and the life the animal led is one of the challenges and you could be horrified that "free range" may mean free to range in a shed full of many more chickens under artificial lighting. Is that what you really want to eat?

A chook is inquisitive and each one has a personality of their own. All of them enjoy the basic requirements of sunshine, fresh air and a warm comfortable safe place to sleep. To give a chicken that life requires space to roam and scratch in the dirt, careful management of the very ground they walk on and the food they eat in order to be Certified organic.

Our Certified Organic Chicken growers treat their chooks with the respect they deserve so this requires more connection and space with their animals than the intensive, crowded chicken factories - OBMWA chickens are truly free range, they eat great organic food and they have lots of human contact. When you buy chicken from Certified Organic Growers , you know that these animals have been treated well and lived a good life. You will taste the difference. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for when our certified organic chicken is back in stock very soon.


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