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How do you know it’s really Organic?

The use of the word organic is regulated for Australian produce exported overseas through the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service but there is very little regulation for Australian made produce and products.

What is the best way for a customer to determine whether the product they are buying meets the definition of "organic"? A product free of synthetic agricultural chemicals like pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.

The best way to protect yourself as a consumer is to know where your food is coming from and in order to do that look for the Certified Organic labelling that is the guarantee by a third party that the requirements to be organic are being met and fully traceable.

In Australia the Organic / Biodynamic Certification bodies are:

At OBMWA our growers undergo certification checks every year and must prove they never use chemicals or products for their animals for the entire life of the animal including the grass and pastures their animals feed on.


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