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Is grass fed beef the same as Certified Organic?

This is a question I get asked a-lot. Unfortunately just like the word “organic“ the claim of "Grass Fed“ and "Regenerative" is not regulated ( Yet ).

Grass fed could be for a part of an animals life, we have heard the marketing of grain finished where cattle is fed grains to help whiten the fat layers at the end. How are you going to know without being the farmer?

Consumers could believe the clever marketing games to show a product as grain fed being a good thing but cows are not designed to be fed grain especially under the intense and stressed practices this involves.

OBMWA growers are Certified Organic which ensures that our beef is grass fed for their entire life and the grass they feed on is also grown organically, no chemicals in its roots, no pesticides and the livestock is not given growth hormones.

“Organic" can mean 'grass fed' and "organic" can mean 'regenerative' farming but not all grass-fed and regenerative claims are truly organic. Certified Organic by a recognised third party organisations will ensure you are getting the best product available for our environment and for our health. Grass fed beef for life and grown for a sustainable farming future.


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