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Make Your Own Bone Broth

Bone broth is simple to make and has a huge range of health benefits for you and your family. Easy to make and the best is using quality bones like those with OBMWA.

Bone broth has been a staple for generations. At times of feeling unwell and as a simple food easily available, bone broth was always bubbling away in a home or shared with neighbours when they needed a boost.

The benefits of a bone broth are being rediscovered with our current stressed lives, processed foods readily available and time-poor environments. Homemade bone broths are affordable and nutritionally dense. Full of proteins and gelatine that can keep your joints moving and restore your digestive health. Bone broth is the perfect base for your favourite soup or stew or simply sip on a cupful as a maintenance mode for your daily health. Simply Google bone broth recipes and you will find endless ideas that follow the main steps of blanching the bones, roasting them briefly then letting them simmer for a long time.

Making your own means you can make sure you are using the best quality for maximum nutrition - OBMWA has available certified organic lamb and beef bones available on our website. All products with OBMWA are sourced from local growers so why not order one of our boxes and add some perfect broth bones to make delivery free.


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