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Bulk Organic Meat Prices

Side/Half Organic Beef - 70 to 85kg @ $25.00 per kg

Whole Organic Lamb - 18-22kg @ $22.00 per kg

Whole Organic Hogget - 22-26kg @ $20.50 per kg

Whole Organic Capretto Goat - 8-12kg @ $24.00 per kg

Whole Organic Goat - 12-16kg @ $20.50 per kg

Whole Organic Pork - 30-45kg @ $23.00 per kg

Custom Order for Bulk Organic Beef, Sheep, Goat and Pork

Buy Certified Organic Meat in bulk to save or Share with Others


Select your Bulk Custom Order
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Thanks for contacting us! We will be in touch with you soon to gather more information for your order.


Buy Bulk Organic Meat

Enquire with OBMWA about our bulk meat orders of certified organic beef, lamb, hogget, goat and pork.
All bulk organic meat purchases are custom cut and vacuum packed (except sausages) and chilled to suit you and your family.
Our pricing and weight is the amount of meat you will receive at delivery where other meat suppliers charge based on the hook weight before moisture is lost in the natural aging process, usually a 10-30% loss.

Certified Organic or Biodynamic. 100% Grass Fed, Gluten & Preservative Free. No Added Hormones, Antibiotic Free. 

Once your enquiry is received we will contact you shortly with a phone call to ask further information or we will email you a cut sheet to complete your order. 

An invoice will be issued for a deposit with the final payment required before delivery in up to 21 days.



Organic Beef


Organic Lamb and Hoggget


Organic Goat




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