About us

The Organic and Biodynamic Meats Western Australia Co-operative Ltd company was established by a group of WA certified organic and biodynamic meat producers in 2007 for the purpose of consolidating their supply of livestock and developing markets for certified organic and biodynamic meats.

All of our Co-operative members are passionate about producing quality meat which is grazed on natural pasture and grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides, reproductive or growth hormones, veterinary pharmaceuticals, artificial fertilizers, genetically modified organisms and force-fed grains. Click here to meet our growers. We believe the health and environmental benefits of these organic and biodynamic farming systems provide an ideal food choice for an increasing number of discerning people.

The company has established markets for organic and biodynamic beef and sheep meats to retail butchers in the Perth metro area and in regional WA. With our certified organic supply chain partners, trade also extends into the meat processing sector which supplies retail packaged products to a range of mainstream food retailers. Each market has different specifications for the type of livestock required.

To ensure organic product integrity and consumer confidence, all product sold is fully certified organic or biodynamic – meaning that all farms, abattoirs and processing operations must have current certification by an AQIS accredited organic or biodynamic certifier.

The eating quality of our meat is recognised as the most important reason for repeat sales. To maintain our reputation for high quality product, all meat is MSA graded which gives our customers confidence in the meats quality and also provides member producers with valuable meat quality information for improving their livestock management.

Additional market opportunities, both domestic and export, continue to emerge and the company is carefully building its livestock supply capability in an orderly fashion, so where prospective markets are commercially viable, co-operative members can benefit.

Becoming a member of the Co-operative company provides an established avenue to market for your organic livestock. In addition, you maintain equity in the ownership and profitability of the company. Further, a strong common interest among co-operative members provides a valuable network for sharing organic farming ideas, solving problems and discussing ways to improve the sustainability and profitability of your farming system.


To be a member of the company you must be a producer who holds a current organic or biodynamic certificate.

Producers who hold “in-conversion” certification can also apply for membership. However as a general policy, any livestock with full organic or biodynamic status that meets buyer requirements will be sold first in preference to “in-conversion” livestock. Where there is a shortage of full organic livestock, then “in-conversion” livestock may be offered for sale.

The cost of membership is $750. This amount represents 500 shares valued at $1.00 each plus a $250 premium reflecting the established operational status of the company. Each membership has one vote at meetings – irrespective of the volume or value of livestock supplied to the company.

All members are required to agree with the terms and conditions set out in the document Doing Business with Your Company and provide a copy of their current organic or biodynamic certificate.

To discuss applying for membership please contact the Operation Manager on 0429 464 301