500g Spiced Lamb Mince - Kofta Flavour

500g Spiced Lamb Mince - Kofta Flavour


Certified Organic Lamb is gently mixed with the best gluten free seasonings.

Ready to roll into your favourite size and shape be it meatballs, burger patties or pressed onto skewers for BBQ sticks.

Or add vegetables for a one pot casserole hot meal.

Versatile and perfect to take to your next gathering or simple meal option for a busy day.


Purchase must include a bulk or box order Certified Organic or Biodynamic. 100% Grass Fed, Gluten & Preservative Free. No Added Hormones, Antibiotic Free.


Weight: 500g Cryovac packed Price per kg: $24.00/kg

Ingredients available by request - image for illustration.