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Arthur & Olive Morrell

The Morrell Family have been farming in Pinjarra since the 1920’s.  Crystal Brook farm was established in 1945, 8 km North East of Pinjarra on the foothills of the Darling Scarp.  A freshwater stream runs through the valley, hence the name “Crystal Brook”.  Mr Denzil Morrell (dec.) established the farm from a virgin bush block which was heavily timbered.  This development took many years to reach its farming potential.

Being concerned about the pollution of the Peel Estuary due to the run-off from heavy use of fertiliser and chemical residues, the family sought a better way to farm.  In 1990 the practices of Bio-dynamics were adopted.  This means artificial fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, growth enhancements and animal health pharmaceuticals are no longer used.

Arthur, Olive and their family make the Bio-dynamic preparations at Pinjarra which are used by other farmers practising Demeter Bio-dynamic methods in Western Australia.

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