To be a member of the company you must be a producer who holds a current organic or biodynamic certificate.

Producers who hold “in-conversion” certification can also apply for membership. However as a general policy, any livestock with full organic or biodynamic status that meets buyer requirements will be sold first in preference to “in-conversion” livestock. Where there is a shortage of full organic livestock, then “in-conversion” livestock may be offered for sale.

The cost of membership is $750. This amount represents 500 shares valued at $1.00 each plus a $250 premium reflecting the established operational status of the company. Each membership has one vote at meetings – irrespective of the volume or value of livestock supplied to the company.

All members are required to agree with the terms and conditions set out in the document Doing Business with Your Company and provide a copy of their current organic or biodynamic certificate.

To discuss applying for membership please contact the Director, William Newton-Wordsworth, on telephone (08) 9885 1181.