Farm name: Koonkoobing
Operator’s names: Phil & Noela Aitken
Location: Mukinbudin
Production: Grain: Wheat, oats, rye, rye flour, hay, sheep
Livestock: Sheep
Breeds:  Merino
Feed: Paddock feed, wheat seconds, hay
Annual production:  40 – 300tn Grain
Size of the farm:  2500 ha
Vegetation/landscape: Mallee, Wadjil, White Gum, Jam, Granite rock outcrop
Organic or Biodynamic:  Organic – NASAA Certified
Farming background: 50 years since clearing. Began towards Organic Certification in 2009
The farm story: Phil grew up on the family farm where he helped his Dad work the land conventionally.  After marrying the girl next door and having three wonderful children, Phil and Noela decided that there had to be a safer, healthier and more viable way to keep doing what they loved – farming.  As a family they began their organic certification journey in 2009 and have since sold Organic Rye Flour to a Fremantle bakery and wheat into the local organic market.  They run Merino sheep which they have started selling through the Organic & Biodynamic Meat Co-op.  They also keep a few milking cows for their own use.  They really enjoy farming this way with Gods help, going into the future.
Contact details: Phil: 0429 435 736


Farm name: Seaview
Operator’s names: Ken McGowan and Chris Armstrong
Location: West Binnu
Production: Beginnings of nut production: macadamias, pecans and pistachios. Some seasonal cash crop vegetables that can also be fed off after harvest to goats
Livestock: Goats
Breeds:  Boer x feral
Feed: Own hay, pasture
Annual production:  300-400 to start
Size of the farm:  5,000 acres
Vegetation/landscape: Half cleared and rest virgin bush, heavy undulating, bore water and sea views
Organic or Biodynamic:  Organic – ACO
Farming background: 11 years organic farming in Carnarvon : bananas, mangos, vegetables
The farm story: After floods in Carnarvon in 2010 and lots of damage to our property including loss of top soil that had taken us 10 years to improve with composting we decided to move to a non flood prone area. Seaview is 30km south of Kalbarri but is a totally different soil type and much cooler climate. Of retirement age we decided on goats, nut trees and some vegetables for an easier life. We are negotiating the sale of a further neighbouring 2500 acres which has summer pasture varieties which will give us greater grazing area for the goats.
Contact details: Ken 0407383136

Boronia Farm

Farm name:  Boronia Farm named by previous owner because Boronia grows wild on the farm.
Operator’s names: Barry and Dale Green
Location : 47 William Rd, Donnybrook
Products:  Beef and fruit
Livestock:  Cattle
Breeds: Angus cross
Annual production: variable but cattle should be up to about 15 this year – we are building up again.
Size of the farm: 160 acres
Vegetation/landscape: 100 acres pasture, 60 acre fenced bushland and swamp, including boronia swamp
Organic or Biodynamic: Organic NASAA certified
Farming background: 
Both grew up in farming families. Orchard for Barry and sheep and wool for Dale
Other activities/businesses: Farmstay,Tourist Radio for Barry and his Agritourism, network of small businesses.
The farm story: Barry and Dale bought the property as a wonderful place to bring up their family. They travelled prior to that and investigated organics in other areas. They really began farming organically in 1990 with the orchard, although they didn’t go down the certification path until later. Part of the reasoning was that they lived there with their young children, and wanted the best environment for them to grow up in.
Contact details: 08 97317154,
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Bossy Boots Farm

Farm name: Bossy Boots Farm / Balingup organics. Bossy Boots Farm was named after Tom’s mother who is bossy.
Operator’s name:  Tom Benson – Farm Manager, Leonie Creagh & Roz Benson
Location: Balingup
Products:  Beef, sheep and goat meat, chicken eggs, nut, hay, seedlings, vegetables, fruit, value added produce
Livestock: Cattle, sheep and chickens for eggs
Breeds:  Beef cattle, Black Angus and goats, Afghan.
Annual production:  Lots
Size of the farm:  80 acres
Organic or Biodynamic:  Both systems, but only Certified for Organic with OGA/ACO
Other activities/businesses of the /farmer:  Fencing contracting, catering
Contact details: 08 9764 1047
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Edwards Farm

Farm name: Balbarup Park – It is the centre of the Balbarup District.
Operator’s name: Kay and Doug Edwards and Anita and Wayne Edwards
Location: 6 km east of Manjimup on Perup road
Products: Vegetable Farm: Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage (3 types), kale, onions, corn, celery, potatoes, pumpkin, butternuts, onions, beef and sheep meat; Fruit Farm: Tree of Love avocados and plums
Livestock: Cattle and sheep
Breeds: Wilshire Sheep and Angus Mix
Feed: Grass feed
Annual production: 25 Baby Beef, 200 Lambs
Size of the farm: 300 hectares
Vegetation/landscape: 20 % natural forest the rest pasture with 3 center pivot sites with large dams
Organic or Biodynamic: Organic and Biodynamic, certified ACO (vegetable farm ) and Biodynamic (fruit farm)
Farming background: In the Family for 70 years
Other activities/businesses of the farm: They have a commercial kitchen on site where they value add from the vegetable farm. They also package super foods as well as house bees that they harvest their honey from.
The farm story: 
Wayne’s father Doug has been farming all his life, as did his father.  Wayne joined the farm in 1984 when the Australian Dollar was low and export of produce especially cauliflower was very profitable. With this 3 centre pivot sites and 2 centre pivots of 24 hectares were in operation. One with export cauliflower and the other with processing potatoes for the local factory.  By the late 90s  the good prices and demand had shrunk.
Wayne’s interest in a new direction started with biological and organic farming   in 1998.  Back then there wasn’t a lot of information on organic farming.  By 2005 the total farm was organic but the market was still small. In 2008 they bought an avocado and plum farm 7 km west of town.  It’s busy all year round and they have wwoofers to help. The Fruit farm is mostly seasonal work and the vegetable farm is all year round.
Wayne and Anita have noticed that people are becoming more aware that eating Organic food is better for you as well as the planet.
Contact details: Wayne and Anita Edwards Ph: 08 97721122
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Gelfro Farm

Farm name: ‘GELFRO’ (George ELFreidaRObert) Parts of Rob’s parents names
Operator’s names: Robert & Anne Battley
Location : 35 kms nth of Williams
Products: Ultra fine merino wool, organic oats and sheep meat
Livestock: Sheep
Breeds: Merino sheep, Dorper sheep and Xbred lambs
Annual production: 25 bales ultra fine wool, 150 xbred lambs, 120 tons organic oats and organic hay
Size of farm: 600 acres surrounded by the Dryandra Forest
Organic or Biodynamic: Certified Organic with NASAA
Other activities/businesses: Partner in oat rolling mill,  Farmstay/B&B, Anne is a N.C.A.S qualified equestrian coach and honey production.
Contact details: 08 98845245
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Karanda Farm

Farm name: KARANDA Farm combined names Karen and Alexander
Operator’s names: Lex & Karen Langridge
Location: Bornholm half way between Albany and Denmark off the Lower Denmark rd
Production: Beef ,sheep meat & starting to grow a range of fruit & vegetables
Livestock: Cattle and sheep
Breeds:  Cattle Piedmontese stud & sell 2nd cross Steers. Sheep A2 Jerseys & Dorper
Feed: Theyonly produce grass fed stock on mainly kikuyu & clover pastures
Annual production: Cattle – 12 pure bred females & 40 crossbred females;  & 50 sheep
Size of the farm: 170 acres
Vegetation/landscape: Peaty sand which is green all year
Organic or Biodynamic: Organic, in-conversion with Ausqual
Farming background: Lex has been farming for more than 40 years & they have been in Albany for 18 months.
Contact details: 98451459
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Farm name: Dugite Farm, a name carried through from Brett’s Grandfather who named it after the local snake that was/is so prominent here.
Operator’s names: Brett Kirkpatrick and Leonie Inger
Location: Thompson Brook, Donnybrook
Products:  Biodynamically grown seasonal vegetables, beef and biodynamic preparations.
Livestock: Cattle
Breeds: mixed breed of cows from Angus to Murray Grey and Angus and Limousine bulls
Feed: Grass fed grazing with hay harvested from those fields to feed out over late summer and into winter. Second butternuts, cauliflowers, cabbage etc.
Annual production: run off around 30-40 yearlings a year
Size of the farm: 65 ha plus another 20 ha leased biodynamically run land next door
Jarrah/Marri mainly with many more mixed exotic trees planted since they  have been on the farm. Loamy clay soils and rolling hills – gorgeous
Farming background: Brett is a fourth generation farmer on this land, runs Biodynamic workshops and makes all the preparations on farm. He has also been involved in 2 Biodynamic spraying studies done in the Southwest of WA. Leonie is from a dairy farm background.
Organic or Biodynamic: Biodynamic, certified with Australian Certified Organic (ACO)
Other activities: 
Brett does some biodynamic spraying on other farms, and subcontracts building and farming skills. Leonie works as a nurse in Donnybrook. They will be opening a cottage later in the year for short stays on the farm.
The farm story: 
Brett and Leonie came to farming after studying Naturopathy and doing a thesis on biodynamics.  They run the farm on a sustainable philosophy and environmental theme (they run a stand alone power system).  They are also using Holistic Farm management techniques to support their desire to keep nutrient and fertility on farm with as little external input as possible.  Their belief is that the  farm should not only be a place of work but a source of pleasure and recreation, that has been their goal.
Contact details: 97318308


Farm name: Crystal Brook Farm
Operator’s names: Arthur and Olive Morrell
Location: 264 Morrell Rd Fairbridge WA 6208
Production: Beef, sheep meat and biodynamic preparation BD 500
Livestock: Cattle and meat sheep
Breeds:  Short-horn base cows with Angus cross bulls, White Dorper base ewes
Feed: Pasture hay and silage with oats/barley hay and silage
Annual production: 100 beef yearlings, 150 weaner lambs
Size of the farm: 750 Acres
Vegetation/landscape: Gentle undulation on the foot-hills of the Darling Range, tree line shelter breaks line most paddocks, with a wide variety of pasture. 10% natural bush left untouched
Organic or Biodynamic: Biodynamic, certified with BDRI Demeter
Farming background: The Morrell Family have been farming in Pinjarra since the 1920’s. 
Other activities/business: Arthur is a qualified Bowen therapist and has a practice on the farm.
The farm story: Crystal Brook farm was established in 1945, 8 km North East of Pinjarra on the foothills of the Darling Scarp.  A freshwater stream runs through the valley, hence the name “Crystal Brook”.  Mr Denzil Morrell (dec.) established the farm from a virgin bush block which was heavily timbered.  This development took many years to reach its farming potential.
Being concerned about the pollution of the Peel Estuary due to the run-off from heavy use of fertiliser and chemical residues, the family sought a better way to farm.  In 1990 the practices of Biodynamics were adopted.  This means artificial fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, growth enhancements and animal health pharmaceuticals are no longer used.
Arthur, Olive and their family make the Bio-dynamic preparations at Pinjarra which are used by other farmers practising Demeter Biodynamic methods in Western Australia.
Contact 95311244


Farm name:  They haven’t really had a farm trading name since they went out of the horse breeding business.
Operator’s name: Greg and Sandy Sudholz
Location: 96 Powell Road, Wokalup
Products: Vegetables including pumpkins, beans, peas, tomatoes, cucumbers, spaghetti squash, yakon, sweet potato, rhubarb, garlic, kale, chard, beetroot, jerusalem artichokes
Livestock: Beef cattle
Breeds:Mixed bred cows with a Devon bull
Feed: Kikuyu and ryegrass
Annual production: 20 head of cattle. As for vegetables it depends on the season
Size of the farm: 28 hectares
Vegetation/landscape: Flat, laser levelled as they flood irrigate in the summer months
Farming background: cattle, wheat and sheep
Organic or Biodynamic: Biodynamic, certified with BDRI Demeter
Other activities: retired, formerly a heavy duty plant mechanic
The farm story: Greg worked a wheatbelt farm with his father then worked for Alcoa as a heavy duty plant mechanic for 30 years. At the same time owned 116 hectares at Lake Clifton, Waroona breeding beef cattle and Arab horses. Sold Lake Clifton property in 2006 and purchased current property in Wokalup then retired from Alcoa 2008.
Contact details: PO Box 522, Harvey WA 6220 phone: (08) 97293934

Williams River Produce

Farm name:  Boraning – this is the aboriginal place name for this farm and the area. An aboriginal elder who Kelly sometimes sings with, told them that the meaning of this name is place of spiritual wisdom.
Farmer Name: The Newton-Wordsworth family – William and Kelly and their children Tara, Vincent and Grace
Location: 17 kms west of Williams, in the the Upper Great Southern
Products:  Biodynamic beef, lamb, extra virgin olive oil, kalamata table olives, pistachios, marmalade and jams, hay and wool.
Livestock:  Cattle, sheep, and they have a horse stud and training centre
Breeds:  Their cattle are predominantly angus bred, our sheep are predominantly poll dorset.
Feed:  Their animals graze naturally in paddocks year round, with some supplementation of hay in autumn and winter as required
Annual production:  Turn off around 300 plus cattle a year, 200 sheep, 15 horses.
Size of the farm: 2900 acres
Vegetation/landscape: Boraning is set in rolling hills on the eastern side of the Darling Scarp. It is scenic country, with beautiful trees, creek lines, rocky outcrops and hidden valleys
Organic or Biodynamic:  Biodynamic, with BDRI Demeter
Farming background:  The farm became biodynamic in 1988, which makes Boraning over 25 years free of chemicals and farmed with natural fertilisers as required.
Other activities of the farm:

  • Kelly is a multi award winning international singer songwriter and author who has sung in concerts such as the King of Thailand’s 80th birthday party to 500,000 people, the world peace concert in Ladakh, India, televised live throughout India, and live earth in the LA (Malibou) USA concert.
  • They have a Christian Health and Healing Centre there, as well as their other accommodation business
  • They are breeding bulls for Organic (Bio-dynamic and organic) systems, based on 25 years of selecting cattle from mainly Angus lines, for worm resistance, natural hardiness, and the ability to do well and produce great calves in a grass fed system, with no veterinary chemicals, no grain feeding, and no or low hay inputs in autumn.
  • They also have accommodation.

The Farmers Story:  William and Kelly both studied law together and practised as lawyers (briefly!). After leaving law Kelly worked as a professional actress in leading roles in Perth theatre, hosted her own radio show on the ABC, was a “jingle queen” in Perth voice over media advertising, and began her career as a singer songwriter. William left the law to travel and returned to Australia to pursue farming. Kelly married him in 1988 and together they moved to live at Boraning. Since that time they have worked to make ‘’Boraning” and the earth a better, cleaner, more beautiful and safer place, including being involved in the protection of our old growth forests, and fighting against the use of poisons and GMOs in the production of food. the Newton-Wordsworth family was awarded the sustainability award in 2012 at the WA regional and community awards.
William has served as the chairperson of the co-op from its inception.
Contact details: 08 98851181
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Windi Windi Pastoral

Farm name: Windi Windi Pastorals (on account of Richard’s grandmother thinking it was
pretty windy) and Mettlerslake named after a local land mark- Mettlers lake
Operator’s names:Richard Davy
Location: Situated 100 kms east of Albany close to the historical cape Riche. On the spectacular southern coast.
Production:Organic beef, lamb and yabbies
Livestock: Sheep and cattle
Breeds:  Sheep: Merino and white Suffolk. Cattle: Angus
Feed: The animals graze on beautiful annual and perennial, predominantly clover, rye grass and kikuyu perennial with many other native grasses. The yabbies do a great job of cleaning the dams of organic matter and whatever the animals leave behind.
Annual production:  1000 lamb and 30 heifers/steers
Size of the farm:  2500 ha
Vegetation/landscape: The farms consisting of nearly 2500 ha (1100 pasture) are holistically run, perinnerial cover, organically fertilized using a range of techniques including biodynamic principles.
Organic or Biodynamic:  Organic, certified with ACO
Farming background: Richard has farmed all his life as he was raised in a dairy farm the other side of Albany.
Other activities/business: Richard’s other passion is writing and photography. He has exhibited since 2000 and wrote a book called the ‘Sympathetic Cow Murderer’ in late 2010. He continues to follow his artistic direction although he now has to share it with another interest called homeopathy which he has started studying full time.
Contact 0427473013, 0898473013