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Brett Kirkpatrick & Leonie Inger

Brett is a fourth generation farmer with a passion for raising good quality cattle and growing vegetables biodynamically in the Donnybrook hills. The farm has sandy loam to clay loam soils with many outcrops of granite rock and stands of Marri and Jarrah trees.

Brett and Leonie have been raising a family and developing their farm for over 21 years, taking a major role in Biodynamic education and training in the State. They came to this method of farming through their training as Naturopaths and awareness of diseases caused by lifestyle and the very food that we eat.

They are excited to be active members of the Co-operative, being able to offer customers certified Biodynamic product knowing their animals have had the highest quality care that can be offered and fed on Biodynamic pasture, completely hormone and chemical free.

As parents and environmentally concerned individuals they know they are doing their very best now and for the future and are happy to be able to offer this product to the public in conjunction with many other like-minded farmers in the South West.



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